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Credit Repair

Dear Prospective Tenant:

In this day and time there are so many Americans facing tough economic challenges and issues with bad credit. We have found that following the steps below gives our clients the best chance of getting into a home with less than perfect credit. You will have some legwork to do in the beginning to help make this possible.

Follow the steps below, and there is a chance we can get you into a home without submitting multiple applications and application fees that can range from $35 to $50 per person per home.

You need to know what your CURRENT credit score is Many times this can be obtained for free in most cases at the following site.


Once your get this information , you will either email it to or fax the information to 888-676-8475.

*You will need to have this information for everyone that will be on the lease and over 18**

Once our firm understands the circumstance that we are working with, then we can begin the process of finding your home.

Next we will set up appointments for viewing a few of the properties on the top of your list. If we find a property that fits your needs, you will be asked to do the following:

Complete the Lease Credit Application

**All applicants/occupants over 18 years of age must complete application*

 Sign the “Information About Brokerage Services” form (Required)

Include personal tax information/pay stubs for income verification (Required)

Include a copy of your driver’s license or photo I.D. MUST be legible (Required)

You will also need to pull your official credit score. This can be done at Advantage Credit for a fee.

The credit will need to be pulled for everyone on the application that is over 18 years of age.

Fax the credit report or reports with the above mentioned documents to our office. Our fax number is 888-676-8475. We will then submit this information to the owners or owners representative in good faith. This process allows you to be transparent and upfront with your challenges. This does not guarantee that your application. If your application is accepted, you may be asked to pay a double security deposit if the owner is not comfortable with the credit risk.

Example: If your rent for a home will be $1000/month. You may be asked to put down $2000 for the security deposit and $1000 for the first months rent.

Also, the owners representative may accept your application, but still have a need to do their own background check and credit check for liablitily purposes. This could mean that you have to submit the application fee. If the owners report matches your information that you submitted, you will most likely be able to move forward and get into the home.

If initially the owner does not accept your application that was submitted with your personal credit report. You will not be out the money for the application fees and the application can be submitted on another property that fits your needs.

Our goal is to get our clients into a home that fits their needs and hopefully save our clients from wasting money on application fees for each property.

Nothing is guaranteed. We can't guarantee that your application will be accepted even if we follow the steps above, but we have found this gives you the best chance!